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Welcome to the Stratis Imperia wiki, the game which immerses you in the strategy, tactics and total war of WWII.

Operation Overlord was one of the most ambitious military plans in the history of warfare. Think you can do better?

Stratis Imperia is one of the leading strategic and tactical games on-line that develops in real-time on a large-scale world map. It is under continuous development and refinement as one of the leading military, economic and diplomatic simulators available free to play on the internet.

In Stratis Imperia you will experience

Over 20 million playable hexes,
Organized into over 11 thousands provinces in 75 countries,
Capable of researching hundreds of historically accurate technological inventions,
Manifesting in over 35 types of land, sea and air units of the Second World War era.
Construct 25 different types of buildings to sustain your war effort,
Harvest, mine and grow 18 unique raw materials to power your economy.
Thousands of units controlled by hundreds of different players engaged in all out war provided for by one of the most realistic battle engines of our time.

Discover the reality of war and the pressures of leading a nation during one of the most destructive conflicts known to humanity. Cooperate with hundreds players on-line from all over the world and forge a new destiny for your nation.

Your Guide to the Stratis Imperia Wiki
Beginner's Section Advanced Information Reference Sheets
About the game Resources Building stat tables
Start of the game Main buildings Unit stat tables
Account Infrastructure Terrain stat tables
Game Management Panel Transport The mechanics behind combat
Main Interface Production Misc. topics
Map Research S.I. Wiki Site Map - still incomplete
Guide Combat Old Rule Set
Combat Guide Diplomacy
National government

Check out the Community Portal, Current Events for the latest updates and the most recent information on the development of the wiki. Also check out here for the latest news, the Stratis Imperia forums to get in touch with the community and make sure to visit the game itself!

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